Personal Protection Dogs For Sale - Total K9

East Field Farm
Cottam East Riding of Yorkshire YO25 3BE
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Total K9 provides personal protection dogs for sale. These are adult dogs which have already been trained to protect its owner, so if you need a personal protection dog then you are in the right place. Total K9 also provides security, police and prison dogs for sale as the company is managed by an experienced professional, in the name of Robert Cammish, a ABIPDT Member and NASDU Member. Do you already own a dog but are in need of obedience courses? You are in the right place as Total K9 also organises dog obedience sessions for owners who seek to improve the relationship with their dog. Owning a dog doesn't have to be a nightmare, it should actually be like the saying, a walk in the park, with the dog carefully protecting and listening to its owner. If the above is now true for you and your dog, then you are in need of some obedience training courses and nobody does them better than Total K9.