Minifaber SpA

Via Brusaporto, 35
Seriate Bergamo 24068 Italy
+39 (0)35 4237211
+39 (0)354237224
Minifaber SpA is an industry leader in sheet metal forming and cold working of metals both large and small quantities. The activity of Minifaber SpA includes a full range of services ranging from mold design, production and pre-production samples of metal products, up to the creation in small and large-scale finished (or semi-finished) products of high quality. More than 50 years of work experience, total customer satisfaction and continuous technological innovation in the field of cold forging of metals are the success factors of Minifaber SpA The processes in which it operates Minifaber SpA are: - Metal blanking - Sheet metal deep-drawing - Sheet metal bending - Sheet metal punching - Laser cutting - Metal threading - Metal surface treatments - Metal welding - Metal components assemblies